Comfort/Commuter Bike Buyers Guide

 Comfort/Commuter Bikes 

These are the category of bikes that the everyday rider can enjoy. They are simple with not too many features but boy do they ride well. This is a great category for anyone who lives by a rail train and wants to enjoy the path. They are upright, with big tires and prioritize comfort over performance or they can be light and snappy.

What's the major difference between the Commuter and the Comfort bike 

The commuter makes a great city bike. They are easy to put on your shoulder and take up a flight of stairs. They also make a great option for those who are an avid rider, but don’t feel comfortable with drop bars. A commuter is a much sportier bike with more aero and performance riding position. 

The comfort bike on the other hand is all about feeling good and having fun! Big seats allow for rides that are about taking in the scenery and enjoying the people you’re with. They don’t climb very well and are tough to really log miles on. But they are a wonderful rail trail bike.