E-bike Buyers guide

Riding bikes can be really hard. Sucking in wind staring down a hill that looks like a wall of concrete can be so discouraging. This is where a little push from behind might be what you need. Just like when your parents taught you to ride a bike holding under the seat and giving you a little extra power, an Ebike can be that push. 

We want to guide you to purchase a bike that you will actually use. Too often we hear the phrase "It's been sitting in my garage for a few years" and a few years means since the first Bush administration. After which a bike that was a great ride in its time is unloaded onto our showroom floor that has less than 100 miles on it. We want to help you get on a bike you will enjoy and use. More often than not, for a recreational rider, an Ebike is the best fit. 


Let me ask a few questions

1)Are you in a race? Where is the UCI official? .... So it's not a race ....You're just here to have fun? Ok well, let's make sure we have fun.

2) I would argue that walking your bike up a hill is a greater form of cheating

All we're saying is we want you to enjoy riding your bike. But let's be realistic about what that entails. We are well aware that E-bike as more expensive than their acoustic counterpart a bike you use is better than one that just hangs in your garage. For a lot of customers, we see Ebikes replacing cars for short trips and riding them longer and further than they ever thought possible. 

Our most popular E-bike is the Como. I would say half of our staff owns one of these and uses it to commute. It really brings back that youthful vigor you felt growing up. 

Big comfortable tires and a nice swept-back handlebar allow for a very approachable riding position that makes this bike a breeze for miles and miles. We always describe this bike as the flagship bike of BBB. It is the bike we use as our main bike in the rental fleet


The Vado is the sportier cousin to the cousin to the Como. IF you are looking for a snappy commuter bike that gives you all the levels of assistance a como does, just with a sportier package. 

These bikes both are a great riding options for the full-power E-Bike rider in all of us. If you wanted to work hard on your ride but also have the option to skate up hills with ease, these are the bikes for you. That being said, they have some very exciting lower assist siblings in the SL line. The SL line stands for super light. It's less assist and power but in exchange, you get a lighter sleeker motor system. These bikes are a great option for smaller living situations and those who want a lighter bike in general. 

The Como SL - By far the most anticipated bike to be released from Specialized. We at bike and board were on the edge of our seats to try and see what Specialized would do to integrate the SL motor system into the most comfortable and popular bike we carry. What came was a wonderfully fun and light bike that has a ton of character 

The Vado SL- The Vado SL can be seen up and down the east coast. From the rolling hills of the Berkshires all the way to the City streets of NYC. It is our most popular SL bike option. It really does look like a modern hybrid bike with a little extra heft in the bottom bracket. While there are Ebike systems that hide the motor better, because of where this system is placed on the bike, it is a much more comfortable ride.