Ride Recap - Pittsfield State Forest


Ride Recap - Pittsfield State Forest

 Considering the amount of rain recently one might confuse Western Mass with the Pacific Northwest. As we transition to a semi-aquatic lifestyle, our riding has had to adapt as well. No one person embodies this idea better than Alexander Bileca. Alexander is a shop-certified shredder.  You will often find him after work chasing Steffen off anything in Berkshire county. 

Last Thursday, they both decided to take a ride at Parker Brook Trail.  As they plowed over the main bridge, Alexander entered with boundless confidence (and exited with the sting of humility). I watched from behind as his front wheel slid out and he lost traction on the bridge as his shoulder hit the deck and the youthful joy slowly left his eyes. 

Without a moment of hesitation, gravity took him further. He dove into the murky water that even beavers avoid.  His boyish innocence left him. With one fell swoop, Alexander became Alex. The murky water of PSF beaver pond embraced him. College tours and driver's license tests would no longer be a part of Alex’s life, he had become one with the mud. 

He crawled out from the mud Alex looked fully prepared to take on the Predator. Mud oozed from every pore. But his ever-persistent positive attitude took the lead and he turned back to face us with a grin stretching from ear to ear. Word has it his mother cleaned him with a hazmat suit on when he got home.