Keep your bike running right!


Santa Claus is coming to town and he wants to make sure your bike is running tip-top!

The ever-persistent passive attitude of the cyclist.  It can seem cool and nonchalant.  The “I am such a strong cyclist that my wattage cottage can overcome poor shifting or there is the “I can hit any jump on the east coast with my blown shock”.  While these might sound like something Jaryn is contractually obligated to say, they are in fact not cool. 
Yes, there are some of us who look more comfortable riding a bike than walking, but chances are that’s not you.  It’s definitely not me, I look bad doing both.  You might have a respectable FTP or can get through the Gronk with only casing the last three jumps.  But I’m telling you now, bikes need to be taken care of especially for mortals like ourselves
So if you are looking for a gift for any cyclist in your family, give them the love of a fun bike to ride.  Make sure their rig is in top-notch condition ready to rip any day of the week.  Now they might push back on you and say things like “No, no it’s fine I will watch a youtube video.”  After which you can say the BBB patented response of  “I know you want to be able to blame your lack of skill on your bike. But please make it safe to ride”
This we promise will hit them where it hurts and afterward expect to hear from them down in the service department.
Save Huge - Through February 15th we are offering 50% off our premium bicycle tune up.  Its called the New Bike Feel and that is just what it does.  It will take your current bike in its sad and beat up state and turn it right back into a nice tight new (to you again) ride!