Crazy Chain youth MTB program


Crazy Chain youth MTB program

Crazy Chain is a youth mountain bike program based out of Northwest CT and Southern Berkshire County MA. This is a youth team made up of boys and girls from grades 5-12 (roughly ages 10-18). We are a part of the New England Youth Cycling (NEYC) league. Our team is based out of Canaan, CT, and we have kids on the team from throughout Northwest CT and Southern Berkshire County MA. We will hold one practice a week on Wednesdays at Norbrook Farm Brewery trails, with an additional Saturday practice at various locations throughout the area.

Who should join this team?

  • Beginners looking to get into the sport of mountain biking.
  • Intermediate riders looking to increase their skills.
  • Advanced riders looking to be challenged in their riding.
  • Basically, we are open to any and all riders who want to be part of a mountain biking team.
  • What type of riding will we be teaching?
  • Basic riding for the beginners. Simple trail riding.
  • We’ll work on fitness to slowly increase the length of our rides.
  • Technical trail riding for the more advanced kids. Jumping. Wheelies. Downhills. Drops.
  • We’ll also spend time working on simple bike maintenance skills. How to change a tire. Lube a chain. Tighten all your bolts.

What does it cost?

  • League fees for 2022 are $200 per child with discounts for multiple family members ($180 each for two siblings, $160 for 3 siblings). This fee is for our team to be part of the NEYC biking association.
  • We will also have a jersey available with our team logo. Pricing on that jersey is TBD (estimated $45). I’ll keep you posted. Race fees will depend on the specific race (see below about optional racing).
  • Our goal is to make this program available to everyone. If the league fees or mountain bike gear are a barrier, let me know. The league can provide a waiver and can even help out with gear.

What equipment is required for joining the team?

Each rider will need to have a good quality mountain bike in good mechanical condition and a helmet. We’ll be riding on true mountain biking trails, so good equipment and safety gear is important. I can discuss bike and equipment suitability for those with questions.

Will we be racing?

Many members of the Crazy Chain team will participate in races throughout the summer. These races are purely OPTIONAL for those interested. We’ll be doing a wide variety of races. NEYC hosts 6 cross country (XC) races in the spring. Some riders will also be participating in Downhill races, as well as Enduro races (multi-stage downhill races). These races take place locally as well as throughout New England.

Can parents or other adults help out?

Interested in helping out or being a ride parent? The ability for this team to grow is going to depend on involvement from parents or other adults. With a wide range of skills, we’ll often need to split up during the rides. This will require a capable adult rider to accompany each group. If you have some experience mountain biking and are interested, please let me know.  NEYC regulations require that any adult that will be riding with the kids pass their background check process. There are also additional training requirements which we can discuss if there is interest.

How do I sign up? 

  • League/team registration for 2022 participants opens on December 8th, 2021.  Prompt sign - up will guarantee a spot on the team, so don’t dilly dally!
  • Email Todd and Harriet and we will help you with registration and answer any questions you might have.

Looking forward to seeing your kids on the trail. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Contact information

Head coach: Todd Shearer – – 860.671.0244

Team manager: Harriet Nirschel – – 860.671.7858