Springside MTB Skills Park.

While the Berkshires carry with them an unrivaled level of pristineness, the rolling hills are quilled by pastures and crowned with natural beauty. The woods are deep and dense but inviting, every path begs to be explored. That being said, the woods can be hard to navigate especially on a bike. For those wanting to ride their bike on the single track, it can be nearly impossible without the help of a seasoned guide.

In such a way the necessity for all types of people to be able to ride their bikes in a safe and easily navigable area emerges. In comes the Berkshire Bike skills Park. This project is being spearheaded by the awesome folks at Berkshire NEMBA. It is really hard to find the riding in Berkshire county. If you have been riding the State Forest for the last 20 years then it might not seem like it. But finding the Turner trail isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

The skills park is going to be an incredible place where people can come to the Berkshires to ride. It is where the community can gather to enjoy all types of riding. It is a place where every middle-aged dad that picked up riding three years ago can finally learn to jump a bike. All types of bikes are allowed and welcomed. Especially for the next generation of riders, we don’t want kids to be limited by trail access or the bike they are on. Anyone and everyone will be welcomed to ride at the Berkshire Bike Skills park.

In the Berkshires, we often look north to the Vermont Kingdom Trails with a hint of envy. But I ask you why not us? Don’t we deserve world-class riding? Don’t we deserve to have weekly races open to the public?

If you even think about saying “Yes” to these questions then we need your support, please follow https://www.facebook.com/BerkshireBikePark/ for more info and show your support.