The Great Chamois Debate

The Great Chamois Debate

I will say… I had a really hard time spelling that word. I tried Shammy, shammi, shami shamwow (RIP Billy Mays). I live and die by the chamois I won’t get near my bike without that extra bit of love right around the most tender of areas. I LOVE CHAMOIS! The only time I don’t wear one is when I go to sleep. But there are so many riders out there who are living life with no support. So I thought it would be fun to get everyone’s takes on why and how they ride.

One of our employees gave their opinion on what the proper way to try on a chamois is. 

“First, shave every single hair from your belly button down. Then apply a generous amount of chamois cream to the "contact area". Then wear a cycling bib with a chamois. Shorts without shoulder straps don't count (they're stupid). Repeat these steps for every ride.” 

An interesting take to say the least. An approach I don’t think many of us have, but it sounds very aero. 

Here is an opinion right from the mouth of our mechanic Matt Abert - Chamois believer 

“I used to ride wool shorts and a leather chamois that felt like you were riding naked. You had to put moisturizer on it so it won’t dry out.” 

I was honestly shocked by this! The fact that you had to water your shorts (and hope something didn't grow out of them) was insane to me.     

On the other end of the spectrum, we had

“I think you need the flow and freedom.  You need to strengthen your muscles and bones”

The certified manic who made this statement has chosen to remain anonymous. It's a tough and mean world out there. The cars get too close, the road isn't even and the dogs chase you. Why not have a little bit of extra love. You earned it, that's for sure. In our extensive chamois research, surveying tens of people from an anonymous bike shop in western mass we have come to the conclusion that a significantly greater amount of people do seem to like the love. Really all riders can benefit from the support. Even a Como ride can be made far more comfortable with a chamois on.