Information is Power, Power is Watts, and Watts make you Fast! Our favorite cycling podcast.

I always find cyclists to have a hunger for information. While bikers will obsess over highlight colors on their rigs, they tend to favor information in a direct format. Look, I love PinkBike as much as the next guy, but the website looks like it predates the iPhone. To describe the PinkBike website as rudimentary is generous. But my point is that cyclists like information and in 2022 fashion of rehashing old things and calling them something new ( Intermitted fasting used to be called skipping breakfast) radio is bigger than ever, and by radio I mean Podcasts. It's not for everyone, there is an art to the take. There has to be a balance between spiciness, logic, and knowing your listeners.  So what are the Podcasts that Berkshire Bike and Board is listing to?

Jaryn Pierson - A sucker for the Barry Bonds of Cycling, Lance's Podcast THEMOVE is Jaryn's favorite.  With his alternative takes and willingness to say anything,  Lance brings only the fire.

Atticus Elling - The World of Buddy Pegs Whatever podcast you "think" is the best, Buddy Pegs blows it out of the water.  It's a podcast for kids (I know right!) that is about Animal friends who run a bike shop together.  They all work as a team to help their community enjoy safe rides and great service!  It's so new and inventive it's an awesome reminder that bikes are designed to have fun on!

Myself (Ethan Simon) - The Just Riding Along podcast! Talk about masters of the hot take. These three take no crap from nobody. They talk about all the ins and outs of managing and working at a bike shop. Willing to pull no punches they say the stuff few will only whisper in the Bike industry.

Tucker - The PinkBike Podcast. If you want the safest choice for MTB podcasts this is the one. But if you are also a menace in the PB comment section this is also the one. Without a doubt, we are all in the hunt to have our dumb PB user names (that are probably a dirty joke of some kind) readout loud in the comment gold section

Steffen Root - Moving the Needle. The thinking man's podcast. Let's get into it. You want to understand how to build lasting habits on the bike? This is your podcast. With a healthy mix of psychology and storytelling, we learn about the habits of professional cyclists and what makes them the best in the world.

Jay Elling - Rouleur Podcast.  Another one for the roadies in the back. If you want the big conversations about the status of the industry this is the one for you. I really enjoy the guests these guys have on. They remind you of all the funky characters who love this sport. It makes me happy to fill my ears with.   
Interesting Rouleur podcast talking about the cycling industry supply chain issues.

Well, there is, there are a few of the coolest podcasts we are filling out ears with. As the title says, information is power and power is watts and watts make you fast. So give these incredible shows a listen. Some are weird, some are traditional but they are definitely worth giving a listen.


  1. I'll put in a vote for The Gravel Ride Podcast hosted by Craig Dalton. Website description: "The Gravel Ride is a cycling podcast where we discuss the people, places and products that define modern gravel cycling. We will be interviewing athletes, course designers and product designers who are influencing the sport. We will be providing information on where to ride, what to ride and how to stay stoked on gravel riding."


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