Carbon Wheel Upgrade - the best thing to happen to your bike since you bought it!

Looking to climb hills like a mountain goat?  Love your current bike but wish it was just a little faster?  Got a team for the Josh Billings and want to shave a some time off your bike time.  We have just what you need to achieve all this and breathe some new life into your current bicycle.  A carbon wheel upgrade is the biggest upgrade you can make to your bicycle!


A good carbon wheelset will improve ride quality and are designed to absorb road vibrations.  This leads to less fatigue of the rider while riding on rough pavement or mixed surface roads.   


While putting power to the pedals, the wheels are designed to not flex making sure all the effort you are putting into the sprint or climb propels you forward.  The experience of a much stiffer wheelset will make your aluminum wheels feel like noodles. 


There are a few options and features to choose between when buying a wheel upgrade.  Usually you can choose 2 options...


Option #1 Lightweight Climbing wheels - To help you climb even easier, a narrow section carbon rim will be lightweight making it easy to spin the wheel up to speed.  Climbing will no longer be such a chore!

Option #2 Deep Aero wheels - Looking to shed time off your race or triathlon?  This is the way you will want to go.  A deep profile rim will be more aerodynamic and it will help you maintain speed on the flats and down hills.  Downside - they can be a bit heavier and crosswinds can affect the ride profile.


Shown above - Shimano Ultegra C36 Carbon wheelset

$1399 - Shop Now

This wheelset is a great all around carbon tubeless setup for the Berkshires.  Not too deep for the above mentioned reasons, but still will still give you an aero advantage and still really light for climbing.  Shimano hubs have always been a gold standard for rolling down the road!

Come and check these wheels out today!